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28 December 2006 @ 10:08 pm
After their romp, the next night was uneventful. She slept peacefully it seemed, while he didn't sleep at all. He sat near the window, and thought. Thought about what laid ahead. He thought about it all night .. and when morning came, he was healed up relatively well, to the point where the two of them had agreed to go out and do some searching. A few leads had turned them up to an abandoned warehouse not too far from where he had been impaled. Because of this, it was understandable why they had an easy shot in; the warehouse was easily hidden away due to brush; the building at least two hundred years old.

As opposed to going in the nice and sneaky way, Angel was in no mood to go peacefully. Door was full-on superkicked halfway across the warehouse flooring, stepping into the large facility with Faith behind him. Eyes glanced around curiously for a moment, trying to pick up any scent that he could. He smelt blood alright .. `` Lots of blood here. Human and demon. .. Eight different. .. ``

So was anyone here at the moment? He couldn't tell. This place was getting all the more fishy by the moment. He didn't have to tell her to be on her guard -- that was pointless, as they had blown their cover already.
08 November 2006 @ 01:00 am
Continued from here.

"Like you caving. That's a victory I'll claim." Smirk tugged into place before lips crashed together. Yes, smugness was now carved and she could rightfully set a pace to writhing atop him properly. Just enough to offset his own beat of actions, amplifying friction and emphasizing her hold on his cock.

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26 October 2006 @ 02:58 am
Angel was no doubt thinking this was his prize for coming out of hiding, even for one night. Thinking his point had been proven. Faith couldn't help but realize it as she lugged him the final stretch down the sidewalk. That almost pissed the Slayer off more than the people who'd punched the hole in his gut. Almost. If he wanted to track a bullshit line for his outlet of anger, fine. She had more important things to do.

They'd finally made it to the apartment, where she fumbled clumsily with doorknob to gain entrance. Once she had, she took him down the hall and to his bed, aiding in the process, even if he did wake and find the energy to bellow at how unmanly it was. He'd get over it.

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